"It's the Little Moments that Matter" is now available in paperback.
Revised in 2009/2nd edition

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It’s the Little Moments that Matter

26 simple steps to enrich
every moment of your life!



Act with LOVE
Begin and become
Creativity is a Powerful Gift – Use it
Declare each Day a Holiday – Worthy of celebration
Enjoy Simplicity (For starters – Fix an egg salad sandwich)
Find it, Keep it and Share it
Grab a friend and get going!
Hold your LIGHT high
Invite Happiness IN
Just Listen
Keep a favorite moment journal
Live, Learn, Laugh and Love!
Move Forward
Navigate your life with positive energy
Open your arms and EMBRACE your life
Pray (out loud)
Quit wishing and DO it
Relish this moment
Traditions Matter!
Unlock your dreams
Value the stuff that REALLY counts
When life hands you challenges, shift your focus
Yippee! YOU get to choose
Zestfully zoom into Action!